ATEK Water Systems also carry the cleaners and chemicals for you water treatment needs.

Chlorine (12% Sodium Hypochlorite) Chlorine is primarily used for "shocking" a well to control iron and sulfate-reducing bacteria and to eliminate fecal coliform or E. coli bacteria in a water system. ATEK has chlorine available in a liquid or pellet form. MSDS sheet
Septic Klean Septic Klean III is a Natural, Biodegradable, Safe Bacterial Culture produced in powder form. It is packaged in water soluble pouches. This product controls odor and consumes the soap and fats that prevent the water from being absorbed into the soil. This is an environmentally friendly product that is all natural and safe. It keeps Septic Systems and Cess Pools removing waste water and keep them from backing up sewage into your drainage lines. Consuming the soap and fats that can plug the walls of the septic system greatly reduces the need for pumping of a Septic tank. This will result in fewer pumping fees and will stop the clogging of drains.
Ponder Ponder is designed for farm dugouts and reservoirs, golf course ponds, municipal reservoirs & lakes and ornamental ponds. It effectively reduces offensive odors in treated water providing more pleasant source water for livestock and humans. Reduces black organic sludge (biosolids) from the bottom of ponds which is a significant nutrient source for aquatic weeds and algae and reduces cloudy, turbid water providing clearer water for all uses. Made of liqefied coal Ponder is completely natural and safe for human and livestock consumption as well as fish immediately after Ponder application. 
Three months after Ponder treatment you can expect reduction of organic solids by up to 25%, increase of water clarity up to 70% and decrease of the following nutrients: up to 62% P, 45% Ca, 46% Mg, 52% Na, and 42% in Sulfate-S.
Pro Products The Pro Products line offers a complete line of water treatment and cleaning products for the plumbing, well and water treatment industries. At ATEK we carry:
  • Pro-Res Care will chemically clean a fouled resin bed of a water softener and restore the exchange capacity of the resin.
  • Pro-Softener Mate is formulated to remove limited iron, manganese, metal particles and organic compounds that cause water softeners to lose efficiency.
  • Pro-Rust Out chemically removes iron and rust build-up that coats the resin beds and fouls the softener. This iron build-up is not totally removed during normal regeneration of a water softener. Using Pro-Rust Out in a water softener will eliminate rust and foreign matter from the resin bed.
  • Pro-Pot Perm is a strong oxidizing agent. It converts dissolved iron and/or manganese into insoluble oxides, which can be easily removed by filtration. Pro-Pot Perm regenerates and oxidizes greensand iron filter media.
TriSep Products Recognizing a need for chemicals that users could be sure are compatible for use in spiral wound membranes TriSep was the first company to develop its own line of spiral wound membrane support chemicals. Until now, RO system users could not be sure if their membrane elements, antiscalants, cleaners, and other support chemicals were compatible. TriSep put their expertise to work to produce a complete chemical line that is completely compatible with current membrane technologies. Those chemicals carried by ATEK are:
  • TriStat 110 reduces biological fouling in membrane systems either as an on-line injectable at 1 to 3 PPM or as a static soak solution at 10 PPM.
  • TriClean 210 is a high performance low pH cleaner formulated to remove acid soluble mineral scales, such as calcium carbonate, metal oxides, and sulfate scales from RO and NF membrane elements.
    MSDS Sheet
  • TriPol 9010 was chemically engineered to meet the pretreatment demands of state of the art high recovery RO and NF system with high fouling tendencies. TriPol 9010 offers increased protection against calcium carbonate scaling while still providing a high degree of sulfate scale inhibition. This high tech scale inhibitor contains a blend of an acrylic acid co-polymer and an organic phosphonate that gives a high degree of protection, especially with high levels of saturation of sulfate scales. TriPol 9010 is approved by NSF for use in drinking water at feed concentration of up to 10 ppm.
    MSDS Sheet
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