ATEK is also proud to be an authorized dealer for the award-winning GE/Zenon Homespring™ Water Purifier System. The Homespring Central Water Purifier  enables the homeowner to obtain safer, better tasting water from every tap in the entire house by filtering water at the point of entry. In addition to  providing an effective barrier to bacteria, parasites and viruses this self-contained water treatment system, will distribute refreshing, crystal clear water to  every tap in the home.

Furthermore, a Homespring Central Water Purifier can yield additional cost savings to the homeowner by eliminating the need for bottled water and the costs of maintaining kitchen-based water treatment systems. Finally, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and take water quality for granted with the convenience of a Homespring Central Water Purifier, even when you experience a power outage or a "boil water" alert is in effect, you are protected by the Homespring™ system.

The Homespring™ systems have been used in developing countries to provide potable water for homes, apartments, villages and schools. They were also deployed for use in both the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina disasters for aid relief where they were used to supply potable water to thousands of residents and relief workers.

ZENON’s Homespring™ Central Water Filtration System is the first whole home product to be certified as Microbiological Water Purifier.

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